Oberdorfer Gear Pumps For Sale

Oberdorfer Gear Pumps For Sale

Oberdorfer Gear Pumps now available online at

For over 100 years, Oberdorfer™ Pumps have been making high-quality dependable pumps for almost every flow application. Dating back to 1890 when they manufactured their first bronze gear pump, their many loyal customers can attest that we’re an industry leader in innovation and design. 

When it comes to Bronze Gear Pumps, Oberdorfer is the first brand that comes to mind since way back in 1890 when they manufactured their first Bronze Gear Pump. Since then they have expanded the manufacturing line to include the CHEMSTEEL line such as the S203 NM and the S207 M Series for example.

Oberdorfer Pumps offer more than just Rotary Gear Pumps and have several other types of pumps such as Centrifugal, Carbonator Mount, Helical, Flexible Impeller, Rotar, Bilge Pumps, Flange Mount and Self Priming. They also carry an array of Oberdorfer Pump Repair Parts and Kits.

There are many pumping applications where you can find Oberdorfer Pump including, Agriculture, CommercialMarine, Fueling Systems, Embalming, De-Icing, Fracking, Ice Making, Injection Molding as well as Industrial uses.

The most popular Oberdorfer Series Include:

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