Net 30 Terms & Conditions

Collect Freight Routing Instructions:

All Collect LTL Freight​ (including pick-ups & freight forwarder shipments) are required to be compliant with Manufacturers Edge, Inc. Collect Freight Routing Guidelines. All orders that do not adhere to the LTL Routing Specifications will be cancelled and billed for any additional fees incurred as stated in our terms and conditions. All LTL Freight Collect Order be shipped with one of the approved carriers list below. 

● UPS Freight
● FedEx LTL Freight (Priority & Economy)
● Pitt Ohio
● R & L Carrier
● A. Duie Pyle
● New Penn
● XPO - Conway Freight
● New England Motor Freight

The customer is responsible for obtaining all shipping documents and submitting completed copies to Manufacturers Edge, Inc prior to the scheduled ship date. must We will NOT accept incomplete documentation.

If you do not have a collect account with one of the preferred freight carriers, a freight charge will be billed to your order and ship “Best Way”.

All Customers must notify Manufacturers Edge, Inc of any changes, delays and scheduled or cancelled shipments prior to the scheduled ship date.

For Third Party Freight Shipments, please provide the Bill To Address.

Please Note: All Freight Shipment Prepared and Shipped by Manufacturers Edge, Inc. will include a declared value. If you do not want the freight shipment to be declared you must provide your own BOL to Manufacturers Edge, Inc.


Ship From:
Manufacturers Edge, Inc.
5044 Industrial Rd. Suite C
Farmingdale, NJ 07727

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