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Over 30 yeas in the pump industry manufacturing and desinging submersible pumps and controls for numerous applications.Stancor has many types of pumps suited for such pumping applications as dewatering, solutions, coal mines as well as wastewater / trash for municipalities. There are also customized control panles designed specifically for Stancor Pumps that increase the performance of your system while improving realibility and lowering operating costs.

Available Electrical Submersible Pumps, Also Known As ESPs

Dewatering Pumps S&P Series - Essential for any application or bussiness that needs to remove water from mining or construction sites. These pumps are constucted using light weight allows along with extensive use of stainless steel components. Dewatering pumps from Stancor means the longest cable lengths in the industry and voltage options ranging from 115 volt, 230 volt and all the way up to 950 Volt.

Solids Handling Avenger, LX, SB, SC, SE / SV, SEW, SG, SKR & SL Series - Liquid is not the only thing that gets pumped. There are numerous applications where a pump has to deal with various solids from wipes, diapers and sewage, commonly referred to as trash or slurry. Many models to choose from handling 1 inch solids up to 3 inches.

Specialty Material Pumps SS, SSD & SSS Series - These are the models you are looking for when you run into unique situations. Fatruing 304 stainless steel units or 316 SS models that are used in industrial wastewater applications. When high temperature and demanding environments are present, these are the pumps you need to get the job done.

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Series from Stancor

  • Avenger AHS

    Avenger AHS

    Abrasion resistant submersible wastewater pumps with an aluminum die cast body and high efficiency and torque motors. These Avenger AHS Series models cone in an array of sizes to provide you with the best model for your specific pumping application.

    Available AHS Avenger Series Product Lines

    • AHS-05 - 5 HP
    • AHS-10 - 1 HP
    • AHS-25 - 2 HP
    35 products
  • Avenger LX

    Avenger LX

    38 products
  • Avenger SEW

    Avenger SEW

    73 products
  • Avenger SG

    Avenger SG

    38 products
  • Avenger SSDS

    Avenger SSDS

    SSDS Avenger Series Enclosed Submersible Pumps




    26 products
  • Avenger SSS

    Avenger SSS

    28 products
  • Control Panels

    Control Panels

    122 products
  • Controls Floats Accessories
  • Dewatering S & P

    Dewatering S & P

    217 products
  • Guide Rail Assemblies
  • LX Guide Rail Assemblies
  • SB


    Stancor SB series pumps are designed for long service life. Used for discharge water pumping applications since the pump is non clog due to the impeller design and seal.

    1 product
  • SE / SV / SS / SC

    SE / SV / SS / SC

    Stancor SE, SV, SS & SC Series Submersible solids handling pumps.

    SE / SV Models - Large Impeller clearance which provides variety and reliability in sump and wastewater applications.

    SS models provides specialty materials and features 316 stainless steel components which helps manage corrosive wastewater contaminants.

    SC models have a tungsten cutter edged impeller for treatment of wastewater and ground drainage applications.

    238 products
  • SKR Heavy Duty

    SKR Heavy Duty

    31 products
  • SSD & SL

    SSD & SL

    SSD series electric submersible dewatering pumps with stainless steel outer casings to provide extra reliability and protection in the most challenging of environments. Available AHS Avenger Series Product Lines

    • SSD-75
    • SSD-100
    • SSD-200

    SL-75 low suction pumps designed for continuous duty that can handle the rigorous task or dealing with residual waters.

    35 products
  • Stancor Pump Parts

    Stancor Pump Parts

    Avenger Pump Parts

    Repair your Stancor Avenger pumps with repair parts & keep pumping.

    Parts for AHS, SC, SE, SEW, SG, SL, SS, SSD, SSS & SV models available. We have all the parts you need to keep your Stancor Pump running in tip top shape. Mechanical seals, Gaskets, Volutes and O-Rings. We also supply kits, cables as well as miscellaneous items such as handles, stators, bearings covers and capacitors.


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