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PROSSER portable submersible pumps are the most cost-effective choice for efficient, reliable dewatering. More than 100 high head and high volume models are available. Prosser pumps feature slimline design to fit in the smallest areas.

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  • Prosser Dewatering Pump 4SED

    Prosser Dewatering Pump 4SED

    Series: 4SED, 3.0HP, 1750RPM 
    4SED, 5.0HP, 1750RPM 
    4SED, 7.5HP, 1750RPM 
    4SED, 10HP, 1750RPM 

    Portable Electric Submersible Pumps require no  priming, suction hose or foot valves.  These pumps can operate in up to 104°F (40°C)  temperature water.  Before pumping fluids other than water consult the factory, giving fluid, fluid temperature, specific gravity, viscosity, capacity in USGPM and total head and/or pressure requirements, including 
    friction loss through discharge line, fittings, valves,

  • Prosser Parts

    Prosser Parts

    Prosser Pump Parts - portable electric submersible dewatering pumps designed for removal of un wanted water. Slim design allows the pump to fit where other pumps cannot, specifically dewatering wells.

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  • Prosser Pumps

    Prosser Pumps

    Standard Line 9 Series Prosser Pumps. Prosser Versatility - If you need to remove unwanted water, a Prosser portable electric submersible pump is your solution. Prosser Standard-Line® pumps offer high head or high volume performance and are available in over 130 outstanding models. You can also include optional features such as watertight control enclosures, liquid level controls, adapter kits, and more. This wide range of choices enables you to select the exact pump you need to fit your application.

    • Heads to 210’
    • Flows to 1400GPM
    • ¾ - 50 HP
    • Discharge Sizes 2" - 6"
    • Slim Line Design

    Available Prosser Pump Series

    • 9-01000 0.75HP
    • 9-01300 1.0HP
    • 9-20000 2HP/1PH
    • 9-25000 2.5HP/3PH, HH & HV
    • 9-27000 2.75HP/1PH
    • 9-35000 3.5HP/1PH
    • 9-50000 5HP/3PH
    • 9-55000 5HP/3PH, 2 STAGE
    • 9-81000 10HP/3PH, HH & HV
    • 9-81500 15HP/3PH, HH & HV
    • 9-82500 25HP/3PH, HH & HV
    • 9-85000 50HP/3PH, HH & HV
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