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Summmit Pumps has been manufacturing pumps and pump repair parts for the fluid handling industry since 1982. Please check out the Summit Kits to Fit Goulds NPE & NPE-F Pumps. There are also repair kits for 3656 / 3756 S & M Groups, SSH-C S & M Group and SSH-F models. There is also a kit for the SST Group S as well as additional miscellaneous parts to fit G7L pumps.

ANSI Chemical Process Pump Shaft Kits & Repair Part Available!

Summit 2196 to ITT 3196 ANSI Pumps STO, MTO, LTO and XLO Repair Parts and Maintenance Shaft Kits ready to purchase online today.

Summit 2196 / ITT 3196 Materials of Construction & Part Descriptions

Casing, Impeller, Stuffing Box Packing, Packing Gland, Frame Adapters, Deflector, Shaft Sleeve, Casing Foot, Bearing Housing, Stuffing Box Cover (Ductile Iron | 316SS | Alloy 20 | CD4MCu). Gland Packing, Gasket Bearing, Retaining Ring, O-Ring (Bearing Housing) And Many More!

Series from Summit Pumps

  • ANSI Chemical Process Pump Repair Parts & Shaft Kits

    ANSI Chemical Process Pump Repair Parts & Shaft Kits

    ANSI Chemical Process Pump Repair Parts & Shaft Kits - Summit Pumps 

    2196 Summit Pump Parts Engineered to Fit 3196 ITT Series Goulds ANSI Centrifugal Pumps. 

    Oil Lubricated Common Summit 2196 Series to Goulds ITT 3196 Pump Repair Parts include: Bearing Frame and Housing, O-Rings, Gaskets, Packing Glands, Deflectors, Shafts, Sleeves. Also many STO / ST Plus and MTO / MT-Plus parts such as Lantern Rings, Stuffing Box Packing, Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Retaining Rings and Drain Plugs. Maintenance Kits for STO, MTO, LTO, XLO, ST-Plus, MT-Plus, XL-Plus ready to shit. These ANSI Maintenance Kits  include Labyrinth Seal O-Rings, Casing Gasket, Adaptor Gasket, Lock washer, Impeller O-Ring, Bearing Housing O-Ring.

    ITT 3196 Series ANSI Standard Dimension Process Centrifugal Pumps Parts are available as Summit 2196 Shaft Kits. These are for Oil Lubricated pump models. These Shaft Kits are MTO, STO and are mostly 316SS sleeve material of construction.

    If you need Casings for your 3192 ITT ANSI Pumps we have the Summit Model you need! This includes MTO 2 x 3 -6 Casing Foot. How about ANSI Pump Impellers? Search for your impeller from hundreds of options to fit your specific pump no matter the frame size. We have LTO, MTO, STO and XLO frame size impellers.

    Looking for 3196 Stuffing Box Covers? Shop 2196 STO 6" Covers and related parts today online. Standard Bore, Big Bore, no problem. Covers available in 316SS, Ductile Iron, Alloy 20 and even Titanium.

    Example ANSI Part Numbers

    • Stuffing Box Cover (Standard Bore) - Summit Part Number 96S184A-316SS / 3196 ITT 104-562-1203
    • ANSI Casing -  Summit Part Number 96S100A-A20 / 3196 ITT Casing 104-554-1204
    • Impeller 5V - Summit Part Number 96S101B-316SS / 3196 ITT Impeller 76792-1203
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  • Mechanical Seals & Packing, Cartridges

    Mechanical Seals & Packing, Cartridges

    Summit Pumps ANSI Mechanical Seals & Packing

    Seaflo, Flexaseal, AES Seal, John Crane and Flush Lines, Drill & Taps, Casing Drain Plugs

    Summit Pumps Mechanical Seals / Packing & Cartridges for Centrifugal Pumps based on Shaft Size. Repair your ANSI Chemical Process Pumps with new Mechanical Seals & Cartridges as well as Packing.

    Models: ITT 3196 / 3175 - Summit 2196 / 2175, Clark 2, Clark 3, 4610, 5610.

    Sealflo Type 1 - Elastomer Diaphragm Seals 

    • Sizes: ø 0.500” to 4.000”
    • Pressures: Up to 290psi
    • Temperatures: -30°F to 320 °F
    • Velocity: 66 ft/sec

    Materials: Rotary faces: carbon graphite, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide. Stationary seats: alumina ceramic, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide. Bellows, secondary seals: CR, EPDM, FPM, FEPM, HNBR, NBR. Springs, other metal components: AISI 304, 316.

    3196 to 2196 ANSI Chemical Process Pumps Single Seal & Double Seal Cartridge Seals Available along with Braided Packing / Graphite / PTFE & Restrictor Bushings.

    Flexaseal Engineered Seals - VSMS, VBSMS, MTSMS & VBTSMS Cartridge Seals.

    • Standoard Bore Stationary Multi-Spring (VSMS) Single Cartridge Seals
    • Big / Taper Bore Stationary Multi-Spring (VBSMS) Single Cartridge Seal
    • Standard Bore TANDEM Stationary Multi-Spring (VTSMS) Cartridge Seal
    • Big / TaperBore TANDEM Stationary Multi-Spring (VBTSMS) Cartridge Seals

    AESSEAL Mecahnical Seal Cartridge Seals

    • CSSN "OEM Style" Cartridge Single Seals
    • CURC "Standard" Cartridge Single Seal
    • CDPN "OEM Style" Cartridge Double Seal

    John Crane Model Seals

    • Model 4610 Cartridge Seals - Standard Bore & Large Bore
    • Model 5610 Cartridge Seals - Standard Bore Covers
    • Flush Lines, Fittings & Drill / Taps, Casing Drains & Plugs.

    Purchase your Summit Pumps ANSI Chemical Process Pump Mechnical Seals, Cartridges and Packing Today!

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