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Pumpcatalog.com is pleased to add Godwin Dewatering Pumps to our line of pump offerings. Godwin, a Xylem brand, Wet-Prime and Sub-Prime dewatering pumps is now in our portfolio. These rugged wet-prime and sub-prime pump solutions will allow you to offer an expanded range of dewatering solutions to your customers

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Series from Godwin Pumps

  • Godwin Pump Accessories

    Godwin Pump Accessories

    Godwin Pump Accessories - Wet Prime / Submersible Pumps: GSP05, GSP10, GST05, GST10 Hose & Adapters. 2" GTP-50HX AND GWP-50HX & 3" GTP-80HX AND GWP-80HX. WK12 Wheel Kit Accessory Available now!

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  • GST05 / GST10 Submersible Trash Pumps

    GST05 / GST10 Submersible Trash Pumps

    The GST Sub-Prime line is a selection of portable, electric submersible pumps designed for trash-laden applications. GST05-1 Trash 1/2HP 1P 115V 2" Discharge & GST10-1 Trash 1HP 1P 115V 2" Discharge. Standard side discharge and semi-vortex cast iron impeller enable these units to handle solids up to 1 in. (25mm) in diameter.

    The fully removable volute makes clean-out fast and easy. The GST Sub-Prime line offers flow rates to 75 gpm (4.75 l/sec) and maximum heads to 48 feet (14.6 m). Units are available in 0.5 hp / 0.4 kW (GST05) and 1 hp / 0.75 kW (GST10) models. High performance and affordability combine to make the GST Sub-Prime pump ideal for use in general dewatering applications, as well. For automatic starting applications, a piggy-back single float switch can be supplied.

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  • GTP / GWP Wet-Prime Dewatering /Trash Pumps

    GTP / GWP Wet-Prime Dewatering /Trash Pumps

    Godwin, a Xylem Brand offers Wet-Prime Pumps line of portable, gasoline-powered pumps are available in dewatering, trash, pressure and plastic models. GTP Wet Prime Trash Pumps Models: GTP-50HX 2" Wet Prime Trash GX160 & GTP-80HX 3" Wet Prime Trash GX240. GWP Wet Prime Dewatering Pumps Models: GWP-50HX 2" Wet Prime Water Pump GX120 & GWP-80HX 3" Wet Prime Dewatering GX160.

    Wet-Prime pumps are capable of maximum heads to 187 ft (57 m) and maximum flows to 425 gpm (95 m3/h). The pumps feature durable, lightweight steel roll cage for added protection and easy maneuvering. They include high performance engine with “Oil Alert” system and electronic ignition to increase fuel efficiency. Wet-Prime Pumps are ideal for applications including construction dewatering, landscaping and irrigation, farming, remote firefighting and marine construction.

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