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MP Pumps was organized in Detroit in 1942, shortly after America’s entry into World War II. Our first pumps were used in landing craft and other amphibious vehicles where quality and reliability were absolutely essential. After the war, we continued to grow along with our reputation for superior design, engineering and manufacturing of centrifugal pumps for wide variety of applications.

MP Pumps remains committed to designing and developing innovative products to meet the fluid handling requirements of both current and emerging markets. To maintain our role as a leader in the design and manufacture of centrifugal pumps, we will continue to invest in the best equipment and people. That combination is one our competition cannot match.

MP Pumps brings more than a half century of experience in the design and manufacture of centrifugal pumps to each new project. Through experience, we can quickly identify and focus on the critical aspects of every design project and develop an approach to satisfy the most demanding performance requirements. Our engineers use state-of-the-art solid modeling software, design for manufacturing techniques and fast prototype capability to move rapidly from initial concept to first production. Our application design expertise encompasses a broad range of markets, among them: Industrial Pumps, Transportation Pumps, Agriculture Pumps, Marine Pumps, Petroleum Pumps & DEF Pumps

Similarly, our engineers are accustomed to working with a wide range of materials. Commonly used materials include bronze, ductile iron, aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel.

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    Series Pumps

    MP Series Pumps Includes: 2CT, CHEMFLO, FLOMAX, HHLF, HYDRA SUB, MAX EB, PETROL MAXX, P-MAX, Standard Centrifugal, TEMPUFLO & Transportation Circulators


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    Series Repair Parts

    MP Series Parts - Replacement Pump Repair Parts, Kits and Motors

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