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The Lutz brand stands for fluid handling using drum and container pumps. In the year 1954 the company founder Karl Lutz started making electrical drum and container pumps in Wertheim. In recent years, the brand has developed into a synonym for complete systems designed to handle any fluid filling and transfer job.

"Lutz is the reliable partner in the field of professional liquid handling. As supplier of innovative and high quality pumps and pump systems we support our customers in finding the adequate solution for their fluid handling requirements. The company is committed to develop long-term and cooperative relationships with its customers. Our products as well as our sales and service network contribute worldwide to a safe handling of fluids and the protecting of our environment"

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Series from Lutz Pumps

  • Pump Sets

    Pump Sets

    Lutz Drum Pump Sets - A quick solution for many applications. Whether acids or bases, light or concentrated, mineral oil products, hazardous fluids or solvents: Lutz offers six ready-to-use drum pump sets fitted with ideally matched components. This makes ordering really easy, and you save time for the important things. Ideal for pumping and filling thin-bodied and low viscous liquids from canisters, drums and containers. Pump and accessories harmonized with the liquid being pumped. Immediately ready for action. No special knowledge required for selection and start-up.

    Lutz Drum and Container Pumps for Laboratory and Research Sector
    These pumps are ideally suited for emptying thin bodied liquids from canisters, cans and drums. The small immersion tube diameter makes it possible to empty even narrow-necked vessels safe and easy. The infinitely variable speed controller with integrated on/off switch allows a controlled and comfortable filling of smaller and larger liquid amounts. Perfect for the laboratory and research sector, Variable speed motor with safety cut-out to enable the transfer of liquids in small amounts, Mounted hanger for storing nozzle and cord, Improved complete drainage function, Sealless pump tube without grease fillings

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  • Pump Motors

    Pump Motors

    Lutz Drum Pump Motors Include: B28, B36 / MI 4 or B36-SC / MI 4 E (Speed Control), B55-T-5 / MA II 5, B55-T-7 / MA II 7, MD-1 (Ex) / MD-2 (Ex), 4GT (Non-Ex), Silver Star ME I 6 (Ex), MA II 3-12 V, B4 / GT Continuous Duty

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  • Pump Tubes

    Pump Tubes

    Lutz Drum and Container Pumps for non-flammable liquids
    Whether acids or bases, light or concentrated, mineral oil products, hazardous fluids or solvents: Lutz offers six ready-to-use drum pump sets fitted with ideally matched components. This makes ordering really easy, and you save time for the important things. 

    Lutz Drum and Container Pumps for hazardous liquids
    Safe equipment is a must in hazardous locations. The explosion-proof models of Lutz drum pumps provide optimum protection when handling easily inflammable, combustible material and when working in potentially explosive environments. They comply with the twofold North American safety certification according to UL (USA) and cUL (Canada).

    Lutz Drum and Container Pumps for complete drum drainage
    The RE pump is suitable in applications, where highly toxic, expensive and sensitive liquids need to be drained almost completely from drums and containers. On the one hand, the medium is used to the maximum, on the other hand, the cost for disposing of residuals is drastically reduced, since only the slightest residue remains in the containers.

    Lutz Drum and Container Pumps for mixing and pumping
    The Lutz mixing pump tube is designed to be used in any situation where it is necessary to mix and pump in a single operation. The relatively small pump tube diameter also makes the unit ideal for use in narrow-necked containers or in drums with a 2" bunghole. The rate of flow, viscosity and density of the medium etermine the mixing intensity and the delivery rate of the mixing pump tube.

    Lutz Drum and Container pumps for viscous liquids
    Viscous and shear-sensitive media call for especially gentle handling - eccentric screw pumps of the B70V series are the best "partners" in industrial environments. They will also used for pumping neutral, aggressive and flammable liquids when high pressure is needed. They resist wear delete well, are robust and operationally safe and they are easy to detach and to clean

    Lutz Drum and Container Pumps for Hygienic Processes
    Hygienic, gentle and safe operational processes are top priorities in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industry. All appliances used for these applications meet the latest directives and overcome the challenge of gentle pumping with a design free of bacteria traps. The design of the new Lutz B70V Sanitary eccentric screw pumps ensures reliability with low maintenance and full manual cleaning.

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  • Pump Parts

    Pump Parts

    In keeping with our philosophy of making the operation of a drum and container pump simple and safe, we have a complete range of accessories available for you. Suitable for both mobile and stationary applications the range of Lutz accessories makes your pump a perfect filling system. Lutz Pump Repair Parts and Accessories include: Dispensing nozzles, Chemical hoses, Fume barriers, Foot strainers, Hose couplings and much more. If you are looking for Lutz clamps, impellers, wall mounts, seals, bearings, you are in the right place.

    The comprehensive range of accessories makes it possible to install the flow meters on a pump or in a pipework. The adequate installation accessories make an assembly easy and the system is quickly ready for use. Connection fittings, Relay module, Connection cables, Solenoid valves and more.

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  • Flow Meters

    Flow Meters

    Lutz flow meters are instruments made of plastic and metal for volume measurement of thin-bodied to highly viscous liquids. They are suited for all applications - whether installed at a mobile pump system or in a stationary piping.

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  • Lutz JESCO AIRTRAN Diaphragm Pump Repair Kits, Filter Regulators & Mounting Brackets

    Lutz JESCO AIRTRAN Diaphragm Pump Repair Kits, Filter Regulators & Mounting Brackets

    Lutz JESCO AIRTRAN Diaphragm Pump Kits, Filter Regulators & Mounting Brackets

    Diaphragm Pump Repair Kits, Regulators and Brackets for:

    • AIRTRAN™ Pumps 1/4” and 3/8”
    • AIRTRAN™ Pumps 1/2”
    • AIRTRAN™ Pumps 1”
    • AIRTRAN™ Pumps 1-1/2”, 2” and 3”

    Bolted & Clamped Motel Types as well as Metallic / NonMetallic (Polypropylene) Materials.

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    • Lutz JESCO AIRTRAN Diaphragm Pumps

      Lutz JESCO AIRTRAN Diaphragm Pumps

      Lutz-JESCO’s AIRTRAN™ - Air Operated Diaphragm Transfer Pumps

      The natural complement to the Lutz-JESCO range of Pumps

      Similarities to our existing range of pumps include their simplicity, versatility, and both ease of handling and maintenance.

      JESCO AIRTRAN™ AODD diaphragm pumps are available in many different sizes and materials of construction to suit all of your application needs. Both clamped and bolted versions are available. The pump range comprises a 1/4” size, all the way to a 3” size.

      Diaphragm pump housings are available in different materials such as Polypropylene, PVDF, Nylon, Conductive Nylon, Aluminum and Stainless Steel. The membranes, ball valves and o-rings are available in Teflon ® (Buna-N) and Santoprene®, FKM (Viton®), Geolast®. AODD Pump capacities ranges varry and go up to 255 GPM with maximum air pressures up to 120 PSI.

      Common Examples of Industry Sectors

      • Glass and Fiberglass
      • Marine/Shipbuilding
      • Metal and Steel
      • Mine and Construction
      • Paint
      • Wood
      • Aviation
      • Electroplating / Surface Treatment
      •  Food and Beverage
      • Automotive
      • Chemical and Petroleum
      • Clay and Ceramics


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