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Deming pumps are one of the most diversified and complete industrial brand lines for pumping equipment. Oten noted for thier unparralelled durability, efficiency low maintenance cost, Deming products range from end suction general service & process pumps, ANSI horizontal Inline and vertical inline pumps, horizontally split double suction single stage and two stage pumps, submersible, vertical column sump pumps as well as horizontal & vertical solids handling pumps for many applications. Deming pumps can be applied anywhere fluid must be safely and efficiently transferred from general purpose pumping to nuclear applications.

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  • Demersible Non-Clog & Chopper Pumps

    Demersible Non-Clog & Chopper Pumps

    Deming “Demersible” Non Clog and Chopper Pump Series (7365 / 7366)

    7365 / 7365N Standard & X-Pruf® Non Clog Solids Handling Pumps offer amazing proven results to pass spherical and stringy waste materials up to 4". With industrial and commercial environments that require flows over 5,700 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) andtotal heads well over 265 feet, these Deming Demersible pumps are built for continuous operation with minimal preventative maintenance.

    7366 / 7366N Standard & X-Pruf® Chopper Pumps provide a solution to a major problem, clogging! Patented, one of and first of its kind, unique innovative slicing and chopping tech, obliterates the most burdensome and problematic waste stream problems out there.

    Pumping Applications:

    7365 / 7365N: Process Wastewater, Drainage, Runoff (Stormwater), Commercial Building Services, Retail Stores & Shopping Malls, Utility & Power Plants, Pollution Control Management & Dock Dewatering.

    7366 / 7366N: Food Processing Plants, Dairy Farms, Agricultural Processes, Nursing Homes, Onboard Marine Processing, Commercial Wastewater including: Schools, Prisons / Correctional Facilities, Zoos, CampGrounds, Power Plants, Utilities and Industrial Wastewater. 

    7365 / 7365N Non Clog Demersible Benefits & Features Include:

    • Unmatched Non Clogging Waste Stream Solids Handling Resistance. 4” spherical solids are handled with ease. Vortex impellers to ensure optimal non clog performance. Backside impeller pump out vanes. Field and factory tested against rags, diapers, quotes, bowl cleaners, ropes and all kinds of stringy material.

    • No Competition High Efficiency Performance Rates.Tri-Vane, Dual Vane and Mono Vane impellers ensure amazing hydraulic efficiencies & performance. Factory tested Hydraulic Design… We put Deming into “Demersible.” VFD / Inverter motors are compatible for the highest sustainable efficiency possible.

    • Last Non Clog Pump You Will Ever Need! Built to last is an understatement along with unparalleled trouble free reliable performance and operation.

    • Availability with Flexibility. Tri Voltage and Dual Voltage Motor available with numerous cord options. Explosion proof pump models suited for Class I Division 1 Groups & C&D T4 CSA applications. Untouchable 3 Week Lead Time.

    • Maintenance Simplified. Known for simplicity of ownership and ease of maintenance tasks.Quick connect plug and play cord. Oversized lifting bail. Stainless steel corrosion resistant hardware. Top quality mechanical seals available to ship anytime at a low cost.

    7366 / 7366N Chopper Demersible Benefits & Features Include:

    • Reduced Solids Size Non Clogging Superiority. Open center unique design that chops and slices troublesome solids to pass with ease. Unmatched Deming Hydraulic Performance.Stainless steel heat treated 440C chopping blades with 53-60 HRC. Downstream protection of clogging with designed check valves and screens.

    • Trustworthy & Proven Rugged Reliability. Maximum slicing efficiency ensures a reduction of stress on seals and shafts. Ability to cut right through hard items with extremely reduced impact on blade sharpness. Unheard of 7 to 8 years of blade life between replacing. Temperature and moisture sensors integral to cord.

    • Service With A Smile.High integrity Silicon Carbide pump end and seals minimize failures altogether. Seals, blades and all wear items can be replaced in the field. Quick connect cord does the trick with ease to remove your pump from a wet well in service.

    • Upgrade your existing non clog and sewage ejector pumps with a Demersibe chopper pump. An array of accessories available to fit into rail systems manufactured by other brands. Control panel can stay as is for little to no disruption in your wet well.


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  • Deming Liquid End Kits

    Deming Liquid End Kits

    Deming Liquid End Kits Manufactured by Crane Pumps.

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  • Deming Parts

    Deming Parts

    Deming pumps & repair parts for end suction general service & process pumps, ANSI horizontal Inline & vertical pumps, horizontally split double suction single-stage and two-stage pumps, submersible, vertical column sump pumps as well as horizontal & vertical solids handling pumps.

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