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The Barnes family of pump products provides versatility, high performance and unequaled value. For more than a century, design and specifying engineers, plumbing contractors and end-users including homeowners have relied on Barnes Pumps for reliability and durability. From mundane but essential applications like sewage and wastewater to decorative fountain pumps found in the town square, Barnes Pumps delivers innovative, cost-effective solutions with speed and accuracy.

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Series from Barnes Pumps

  • 2SEV DS & L Series

    2SEV DS & L Series

    Barnes 2SEV-DS Double Seal & 2SEV-L Single Seal Submersible Non Clog Vortex Impeller, 2" Spherical Solids Handling Sewage Pumps designed for typical raw sewage pumping applications with a 2" Discharge. Available models include 1/2 HP, 3/4 HP, 1 HP, 1 1/2 HP and 2 HP at 1750 and 3450 RPM.

    60 products
  • 3SE-DS Series

    3SE-DS Series

    Barnes 3SE-DS Double Seal Submersible Non Clog Submersible Sewage Ejector Pump, 1/2 HP - 3 HP, 2" - 2 1/2" Spherical Solids Handling, 3" Discharge. Designed for typical raw sewage pumping applications.

    37 products
  • 3SE-HD Series

    3SE-HD Series

    Barnes 3SE-HD Heavy Duty Single Seal Submersible Non Clog Sewage Ejector Pump. Available with a 3" Discharge, 1 1/2 HP & 2 HP and 2 1/2" Shperical Solids handling capabilities designd for typical sewage pumping applications.

    6 products
  • 3SE-L Series

    3SE-L Series

    Barnes 3SE-L Single Seal Submersible Non Clog Sewage Ejector Pump, 1 1/2" - 2 1/2" Spherical Solids Handling, designed for typical raw sewage pumping applications. Available in 1 1/2 HP, 2 HP, 3HP & 1750 and 3450 RPM models.

    60 products
  • 3SEV L & DS Series

    3SEV L & DS Series

    Barnes 3SEV-L Single Seal & 3SEV-DS Double Seal 3" Discharge, 2" Spherical Solids Handling Vortex Pump. Submersible, Non Clog Sewage Ejector Pump designd for typical raw sewage pumping applications.

    44 products
  • 4SE Series

    4SE Series

    Barnes 4SE-L, 4SE-HL & 4SE-DS Submersible Non Clog Sewage Ejector Pump with a 4" Horizontal Discharge and 1 1/2" to 3 " Shperical Solids Handling capabilites designed for typical raw sewage pumping applications.

    85 products
  • 4SEV-DS


    Barnes 4SEV-DS Series 4" Non Clog Horizontal Discharge, Submersible Pumps. 3" Spherical Solids Handling Vor tex Impeller Pump Designed for Typical Raw Sewage Applications. 4SEV-DS 4.5 - 7.5 HP, 1150 RPM, 60Hz & 4.5 - 15HP, 1750 RPM, 60Hz Series.


    39 products
  • Barnes Accessories

    Barnes Accessories

    Available Barnes Accessories

    • Panels, Floats, Level Controls
    • Alarms, BOSS Oil Sensor Switch, Junction Box, Conduit Hub,
    • Capacitor Packs, Discharge Coupling, Check Valves,
    • Break Away Fittings (BAF), Intermediate Support Rails
    • Basins & Covers - Poly & Fiberglass, Simplex & Duplex
    • Level Control Cable Rack, Lifting Chain, Fittings, Foot Valve
    • Ball Valves, Extension Handles
    • Retrofit Kit
    1057 products
  • Barnes Grinder Pumps

    PG / RIVAL Grinder Pumps

    Barnes Grinder Pumps

    ProGrind Vortex PGPP / PGPH High Flow & RIVAL Grinder Pumps

    Barnes Submersible Grinder Pumps Manufactured by Crane

    RIVAL Series: RV - 1HP, 3450RPM, 60Hz, 2" NPT Discharge

    • Designed to reduce domestivc sewage to a finely ground slurry.

    ProGrind Series: PGPP & PGPH - 2 HP, 3450 RPM, 60 Hz. High-Flow and High-Head, 1 1/4" NPT Female, Vertical, Bolt On Flange

    • Desighed to reduce domestic, commercial, institutional and light industrial sewage to a finely ground slurry.
    8 products
  • BP Series

    BP Series

    Barnes Pumps submersible BP Series is designed for handling sewage effluent in typical septic tank pumping applications.

    22 products
  • CCE Series

    CCE Series

    Barnes CCE Series Self Priming Centrifugal Pumps are designed to meet a broad range of general and special industrial applications. Designed for marine, municipal and industrial pumping applications and available in 3 HP, 4 HP, 5HP, 10 HP, 15 HP, 20 HP & 25 HP models.

    30 products
  • EH Series

    EH Series

    Barnes Pumps EH Series Effluent pumps are designed for handling dirty water in typical septic tank / effluent applications. Special high temperature EH-HT models are available. A Barnes effluent pump is specifically designed to handle almost all low and high head effluent applications.

    36 products
  • EP Series

    EP Series

    Barnes Pumps EP Series EP52 & EP72 Effluent / Sump Pumps feature 230 volt 1 phase operation in a rugged cast iron, heavy duty, high performance design. Barnes Effluent pumps save time and replacement costs because they are interchangeable with competing effluent models. They require no additional plumbing when replacing most competitor’s pumps.

    6 products
  • OGV Series

    OGV Series

    Barnes OGV Omni Grind™ centrifugal grinder pump sets a standard for reliability and durability. It is ideal for lowcost, residential or commercial high-head on high-" ow applications. The built-in automatic resetting motor overload ensures peace of mind and provides utmost protection. The design allows for easy and trouble-free installation with these features:
    1. Internal mounted starting components
    2. Exclusive Quick-Connect Power Cord
    3. Removable discharge Flange

    Omni Grind™ Advantages
    • Recessed vortex impeller design easily handles finely ground solids generated by the grinder
    • Exclusive Slicerator eliminates jams by applying the full torque of the motor on one small section of the cutter ring at a time

    12 products
  • Parts Series

    Parts Series

    Barnes Pump Repair Parts for the following series & Models: BP, EH, EP, STZEP, SE, SE411-421, SE412, Se511, SE521, SEV511, SEV521, 2SEV DS & L, 3SE-L, 3SE-DS, 3SE-HD, SE-L, SE-HT, 4SE, 3SEV-L, 3SEV-DS, SP, SGX, OGV, XSGV, CCE, SFU, SF & OGP

    7748 products
  • Razor Grinder Pumps

    Razor Grinder Pumps


    RAZOR Grinder pumps are the ideal 2 HP pump for light commercial and residential solids handling applications,
    thoughtfully designed with innovative axial cutting technology to efficiently reduce solids like flushable wipes, diapers and other non-biodegradable items commonly found in the modern waste stream.

    Features & Benefits

    Patented Axial Cutter: Provides Superior Non-Clogging versus Radial designs

    Light Weight: Designed for ease of installation and service

    Dual Voltage Motor: Optimal cutting torque performance in low voltage situations 208-240V

    Retrofit: Configurations available to retrofit into existing Barnes applications and competitor’s grinder installs

    Online Configurator: Highly customizable solutions

    Float or Pressure Switch options

    Convenient Maintenance: Utilize single tool for service and maintenance

    Non-Overloading: Built to handle varying pressures without wear

    Designed for Pressure Sewer: Unlike non-clog pumps with large discharge sizes, Razor 1.25” discharge is suitable for preconfigured packaged systems and turn key solutions • Serviceability: Plug-n-Play cord provides easy service with out requiring removal of epoxy in conduit

    More details on Barnes's Residential, Municipal, Commercial and Light Industrial Solids Handling Grinder Pumps

    Standard Plug-n-play cord simplifies service (ZOGV2072P includes attached 240V plug end).

    Oil-Filled Motor for optimal motor cooling and maximum bearing life

    Stainless steel hardware provides resistance against corrosion to extend pump life.

    Simplified hardware requires only one standard tool for service.

    Axial Cutter design greatly reduces clogging issues due to troublesome objects.

    Available in multiple discharge configurations for simple installation and replacement.

    Heavy duty, oil-lubricated bearings extend pump life.

    Smooth oversized lifting bail and light weight allows for easy installation by hand or hoist.

    Automatic level control options (piggy-back mechanical float switch).

    7 products
  • SE411-421 Series

    SE411-421 Series

    Barnes Pumps SE411 & SE421 Submersible Non Clog Sewage Pump Designed for typical raw sewage applications, .4HP, 1750 RPM at 60Hz with a 2" NPT Female Vertical Discharge Spherical Solids Handling. High Temperature Models Available.

    15 products
  • SE511, SE521, SEV511, SEV521 Series

    SE511, SE521, SEV511, SEV521 Series

    Barnes Pumps SE511 / SE521 & SEV511 / SEV521 Submersible Non Clog 2" Spherical Solids Handling Manual & Automatic Pumps designed for typical raw sewage applications. Available in a 1 1/2", 2" or 3" discharge.

    12 products
  • SEC Cutter Pumps

    SEC Cutter Pumps

    Barnes SEC Cutter Pumps Series

    2HP, 3HP & 5HP Municipal, Industrial & Commercial Clogging Problem Solutions.

    3SEC2092A, 4SEC3094A & 4SEC5094A Packaged Cutter Pumps to Retrofit into every application.

    Each of these pumps includes everything needed to install into every application. Equipped with a horozontal JIS80 dishcharge and asold with a 3" or 4" versical disharge elbow & JIS80 ANSI flange adapter.

    • Rugged pump design, constructed with ASTM A-48 Class 30 Cast Iron 
    • Removable stand and discharge accessories to fit perfectly in freestanding installations or on a variety of guide rail systems 
    • Air filled motor protected with integral moisture and temperature sensors
    • Steel cutting plate and impeller blade provide superior cutting

    Package Features

    Barnes SEC CUtter Pumps have provided a single our of the box solution that allows for simplified inventory and no surprises during installation.

    3 products
  • SE L & HT Series

    SE L & HT Series

    Barnes SE, SE-l & SE-HT Single Seal Submersible Non Clog Sewage Ejector Pump with 2" Spherical Solids Handling capabilities. Designed for typical raw sewage pumping applications. Available in 1/2 HP, 3/4 HP & 1 HP and a 2" Discharge. High temperature model also available.

    21 products
  • SEV412 Series

    SEV412 Series

    Barnes Pumps SEV412 Submersible Non Clog pumps combine high quality, high performance and low cost in a rugged, heavy duty design. Capable of handling up to 2 inch spherical solids, the pump utilizes a vortex impeller and a combination of cast iron and stainless steel components to stand up to the toughest residential sewage ejector applications.

    7 products
  • SF Series

    SF Series

    Barnes SF, SF-L, 3SF & 3SF-HD Submersible Fountain Pumps are the market leader for decorative water applications. These pumps are designed for use in dramatic décor water display pumping applications and available in .4 HP to 3 HP models as well as Heavy Duty options.

    6 products
  • SFU Series

    SFU Series

    Barnes SFU Submersible Fountain Pumps are the market leader for decorative water applications. All Bronze and stainless steel construction, 1/3 HP to 1 HP models. These pumps are designed for use in dramatic décor water display pumping applications.

    5 products
  • SGV Series

    SGV Series

    Barnes SGV Three Bearing Double Seal Centrifugal Grinder Pumps are designed to reduce domestic, commercial, institutional and light industrial sewage to a finely ground slurry.

    The cost and efficiency benefits of low pressure sewer systems includes the advantages of the exclusive quickconnect power cord Add the installation and maintenance benefits of the exclusive one plug, quick connect power cord to the proven performance of the SGV, submersible grinder vortex pump, and you have arguably the most cost effective solution available to difficult sewering problems. The custom-molded plug design provides bubble-tight sealing assurance.

    46 products
  • SP Series

    SP Series

    Barnes Pumps SP33, SP50, & SP75 effluent pumps feature low cost, high performance benefits from a rugged, heavy duty design. With upper and lower ball bearings and a heavy duty cast iron vortex impeller, Barnes SP33, SP50 & SP75 effluent pumps are robustly designed for long operational life and dependable service. They are further enhanced by a stainless steel shaft and hardware, plus an industrial grade mechanical seal.

    16 products
  • Stealth Control Panels

    Stealth Control Panels

    Barnes Stealth Control Panels provide realiable proven performance. Duplex and Simplex models are within a NEMA 4X enclosure and come in either single phase (1PH) or three phase (3PH) power. All of these components are UL Listed.

    GENERAL: A wall mounted control panel shall be supplied with each station. All control panels shall be UL Listed to meet Standard UL 508A. Each panel shall be constructed with a padlockable NEMA 4X non-metallic enclosure and utilize stainless steel hardware.

    SIMPLEX CONTROL PANELS: The control panel shall include as a minimum: circuit breakers, fuses, terminal strip, ground lug, capacitors when required, IEC rated motor starters, relays, alarm silence button mounted on enclosure, and internal push to run button.

    HIGH WATER ALARM DEVICE(s): Each control panel shall include a visual and audible, with silence, high water alarm device. Alarm circuit shall be separately fused from motor control circuit. The visual alarm shall be a red fl uted lens mounted to the top of the enclosure in such a manner as to maintain rain-proof integrity. The 90db audible device shall be capable of being de-activated by means of a NEMA 4X silence button mounted on the exterior of the enclosure. Visual alarm will remain on as long as a high water condition exists in the basin. Both visual and audio alarms will automatically reset when the high water condition subsides.

    943 products
  • STEP Series

    STEP Series

    Barnes Pumps STEP-SS Series: .5 & 1 HP, 3450 RPM, 60 Hz & Series: STEP-DS .5 & 1 HP, 3450 RPM, 60 Hz Effluent pumps are designed for handling dirty water in typical septic tank / effluent applications. High temperature models are available. Barnes effluent pumps are designed to handle most low and high head effluent applications.

    19 products
  • Utility Sump Pumps

    Utility Sump Pumps

    Barnes Utility Sump Pumps, UT17, Dewatering Pump Models: 70, 71, 125 & 126. Laundry Tray SU33, Transfer Model Numbers BT12 & BT50. We also carry Barnes Condesate Pump BC-15 & BC20s.

    10 products
  • XSGV Series

    XSGV Series

    Barnes XSGV Explosion Proof Submersible Grinder Pump is designed for use in hazerdous locations to reduce domestic, commercial, institutional and light industrial sewage into a fine slurry. Available with a 1 1/4" Discharge or a 2" Discharge and comes in a 2 HP, 3, HP, 5 HP or 7 1/2" HP Models.

    20 products
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