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Hayward Flow Control, a division of Hayward Industries, Inc., has been manufacturing industrial thermoplastic valves and process control pump products for more than 50 years. We have remained committed to producing the highest quality products while providing outstanding service that exceeds customer expectations. Hayward has earned an unsurpassed reputation for product design, manufacturing precision, quality assurance, experience and know-how, and a total commitment to customer satisfaction and support.

Hayward Product Offerings Include: Actuation & Control Valves, A Series Lifestar Aquatic Pumps, C Series Centrifugal Pumps and D / S Series Immesible Pumps. There is an array of ither items such as, Instrumentation, Strainers, Filters & Media, Thermoplastic Valves and Accessories. If you are looing for magenetic drive pumps and metering pumps, Hayward also offers the R Series mag drive pump series and the Z Series line of metering pumps and accessories.

Irving M. Hayward formed Hayward Industries in 1923. It was a small company, located in Brooklyn, NY, making specialty metal valves and industrial flow control products. When Mr. Hayward retired in 1964, its present management acquired the company. With that, a new period of growth and diversification began, one that continues to this day. Management realized an opportunity existed for thermoplastic, rather than metal, swimming pool filters and accessories, and diversified into the swimming pool market. Rapid growth in the pool business resulted in the creation of Hayward Pool Products, Inc. At the same time, through a combination of acquisitions, modernization of the manufacturing facilities and product innovations, the industrial thermoplastic valve and pipeline strainer business grew as well—and became Hayward Flow Control.

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Series from Hayward Flow Control

  • Actuation & Controls Valves

    Actuation & Controls Valves

    Actuation & Controls - Hayward offers two lines of actuators, electric and pneumatic, that are perfectly chosen for use with it's actuator ready valves. Actuated Valves - Solenoid valves and true union ball valves packaged together with either an electric or pneumatic actuator.

    1757 products
  • A Series Lifestar Aquatic Pumps

    A Series Lifestar Aquatic Pumps

    The new A-Series LifeStar®pump from Hayward Flow Control is designed for operation in aquatic and animal life support systems. Its specialized construction makes it safe for even the most sensitive aquatic habitats. The LifeStar pump features a corrosion resistant Glass Filled Polypropylene housing, a silicon carbide/silicon carbide shaft seal and all wetted hardware manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel for superior performance in aquatic applications.The Hayward LifeStar pump is a self-priming, energy efficient and fully rated single speed premium pump that provides high flow rates and reduced energy consumption. The integral, no-rib basket traps debris and prevents solids from damaging pump or downstream components. The clear trap cover incorporates 1/4 turn sealing for fast and efficient maintenance in tight quarters

    54 products
  • C Series Centrifugal Pumps

    C Series Centrifugal Pumps

    Hayward C Series features a totally enclosed 56C frame motor designed for continuous duty chemical service.

    18 products
  • D / S Series Vertical Immersible Pumps

    D / S Series Vertical Immersible Pumps

    Hayward D & S Series vertical pumps are rugged, chemical duty pumps for handling a wide range of corrosive liquids.

    48 products
  • HPD Pulsation Dampeners

    HPD Pulsation Dampeners

    HPD Pulsation Dampeners - Hayward Flow Control

    Hayward's HPD Pulsation Dampeners are designed and built to prolong the life of crucial fluid handling parts, such as pumps, flow meters and sensors, by reducing the effects of volatile pressure increases. HPD Series features all thermoplastic construction with multiple bladder material options. With 8 volumetric sizes, ranging from 6 cu. in. to 125 cu. in., Hayward Flow Control HPD Pulsation Dampener Series reduces shock, that damages pumps, created by a action in a chemical feed systems. As a result, there is a balanced flow with continuous dosage.

    360 products
  • Industrial Pump Parts / Motors / Kits

    Industrial Pump Parts / Motors / Kits

    Hayward Industrial Pump Parts, Motors and Accessories - Industrial Pumps D & S Series Assemblies, C Series Pump Heads, C, R , T Series Spare Parts, Impellers, Kits, Casings, Screws, Washers, Shafts & More!

    410 products
  • Instrumentation


    New Hayward "Plug & Play" Instrumentation Products and Solutions. Easy to install, highly accurate ways to measure and regulate your process system performance. Hayward Flow Meters, Level Pressure Sensors, Thermoplastic Pressure Gauges and Controllers & Displays

    180 products
  • Ready Flanges BVX Series

    Ready Flanges BVX Series

    Ready Flanges BVX Series - Hayward Flow Control

    Hayward's BXV Series Ready Flanges put the ease in converting threaded and socket end connections. All parts conform to ANSI 150# bolt pattern. News, Now available with PN10 or JIS 10K.

    Ready Flande Features and Benefits

    •   Ideal for conversion from socket to flange end
    •   Available in PVC, CPVC, GFPP and PVDF
    •   Solid One-Piece Construction
    •   Integral Molded Spigot End - Easy for Field Assembly
    •   Eliminates the Need for an Extra Fabricated Joint – Preventing a Possible Leak Path
    •   Easily Converts Socket Valves to Flanged
    •   Available in ANSI/ASME Class 150, DIN/ EN PN10 and JIS10K

    BVX Series Product Options

    • Threaded to Flanged

    Material of Construction Classes

    •  PVC Cell Class 12454 per ASTM D1784
    •  CPVC Cell Class 23447 per ASTM D1784
    •  GFPP Cell Class 85580 per ASTM D4101
    •  Natural PVDF per ASTM D3222 Type 1


    104 products
  • R Series Magnetic Drive Pumps

    R Series Magnetic Drive Pumps

    Hayward R Series magnetic drive pumps consist of two heavy-duty magnet assemblies whose frictionless drive offers extremely energy efficient operation. Seal-less design with low friction operation for easy maintenance and no special tools required.

    16 products
  • Strainers, Filters & Media

    Strainers, Filters & Media

    Hayward Strainers & Filters Include: Basket Strainers, SB Series Simplex, DB Series Duplex and Basket Replacements. Y- Strainers Include: YS Series & Y-Series Screen Replacements. Bag Filter & Bags Include: FLV Series GFPP, PVC & CPVC Material and Filter Bags. Cartridge Filters & Cartridges Include: CFLV Series, FLT Single Cartridge Filters & Replacements. We also carry the LS Series Aquatic Sand Filters.

    1311 products
  • Thermoplastic Valves & Accessories

    Thermoplastic Valves & Accessories

    Hayward Flow Control Thermoplastic Valves & Accessories - Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves & Valve Lockouts. Series also contains repair parts and kits. Ball Valve Series Include: TB Series True Union Ball Valves, TBZ Series "Z-Ball" Valve, TW Series Three Way Ball Valves, LA Series Three Way Ball Valves, QIC2™ Compact Valves, TBB Series True Union Ball Valves, QTA Series True Union Compact Valves, QVC Series Compact Valves, CV Series Profile2™ True Union Ball Valves. Butterfly Valve Series Include: BYV Series Butterfly Valves, BYB Series Butterfly Valves, BYCN Pure-Blu™ Series Butterfly Valves & BYCS Sure-Tuff™ Series Butterfly Valves. Check Valve Series Includes: TC Series True Union Check Valves, YC Series Y-Check Valves, SLC Series Spring Loaded Y-Check Valves, SW Series Swing Check Valves, WCV Series Full Pattern Wafer Check Valves & WC Series Wafer Check Valves.

    4056 products
  • T Series Vertical Immersible Pumps

    T Series Vertical Immersible Pumps

    The new T Series Webster by Hayward thermoplastic pump features a single, non-coupled motor/impeller shaft with a proprietary patent-pending shaft seal. Compared to a pump with a coupled shaft and o-ring seal, the T Series design combines the multiple components into one thereby reducing the possibility of failure by components.

    The new shaft seal is made from PTFE allowing greater chemical compatibility and less wear due to degradation over time that would reduce pump performance. The shaft sleeve has also been extended to move the seal point up and away from the weep hole protecting the metal shaft as well as centralizing the sleeve. The new T Series is offered in CPVC as standard for the pump head assembly, with GFPP and PVDF as optional materials.

    48 products
  • Z Series Metering Pumps & Accessories

    Z Series Metering Pumps & Accessories

    Hayward Z Series Solenoid Diaphragm Metering Pumps brings simplicity to your metering pump needs in all aspects of design, function and performance. The Z Series features only one design configuration, featuring front facing controls and tube connections, allowing for easy and flexible installation. No more reaching over in tight spaces for hookups and connections. Available in analog and digital versions, the Z Series offers just three sizes with flow rates ranging from 1 gph to 29 gph. Additionally, the Z Series offers a stroke rate of 160 to 300 strokes/minute. No need to have multiple makes or models to cover all your application needs.

    72 products
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