Thermoplastic Valves & Accessories

Thermoplastic Valves & Accessories

Hayward Flow Control Thermoplastic Valves & Accessories - Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves & Valve Lockouts. Series also contains repair parts and kits. Ball Valve Series Include: TB Series True Union Ball Valves, TBZ Series "Z-Ball" Valve, TW Series Three Way Ball Valves, LA Series Three Way Ball Valves, QIC2™ Compact Valves, TBB Series True Union Ball Valves, QTA Series True Union Compact Valves, QVC Series Compact Valves, CV Series Profile2™ True Union Ball Valves. Butterfly Valve Series Include: BYV Series Butterfly Valves, BYB Series Butterfly Valves, BYCN Pure-Blu™ Series Butterfly Valves & BYCS Sure-Tuff™ Series Butterfly Valves. Check Valve Series Includes: TC Series True Union Check Valves, YC Series Y-Check Valves, SLC Series Spring Loaded Y-Check Valves, SW Series Swing Check Valves, WCV Series Full Pattern Wafer Check Valves & WC Series Wafer Check Valves.

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