NEW LMI PD Series Chemical Metering Pumps

NEW LMI PD Series Chemical Metering Pumps

NEW LMI PD Series Chemical Metering Pumps

Introducing the PD Series Chemical Metering Pump

The Pump you've been waiting for...

Introducing the PD Series chemical metering pump, the new standard in water treatment. This upgrade to LMI’s most popular series includes an improved drive design, all new electronics, and proven FASTPRIME TM liquid ends. Available in Manual or Enhanced Control models, the PD Series pump fits seamlessly into your process control application. The Manual model offers straight forward control without the need for tedious calculations. Its split-scale dial ensures precision, even at lower flow rates. The Enhanced model offers external control and a large graphical display to provide intuitive access to advanced features such as calibration assist, system and user totalizers, the new StayPrime™ Degassing Technology, and more. 

  • Precision Performance & Reliable Operation
  • All-New Platform with Simplified Selection and Operation
  • Proven Fluid Handling Technologies
  • Enhanced Functionality through Software (PD7 Only)

Improved Drive Mechanism - Upgraded materials for stronger magnetic field

Advanced Electronics - Dynamic compensation for temp & voltage - Low in-rush current for frequent power cycling

Simplified Capacity Control - Dual-scale dial or 5 Button Keypad

Proven Liquid Ends - FastPrime™ or AutoPrime™ (Degassing Option)

Digital Display & Graphical User Interface - 2.4” Color LCD & easy to use software (PD& Only)

Control Inputs

  • External Pulse
  • Remote Start/Stop
  • Tank Level Indication

Enhanced Functionality

  • Calibration Assist
  • System and User Totalizer
  • StayPrime™ Degassing Technology

LMI PD Series NEW Chemical Metering Pumps

Common drive platform with universal power supply and common components result in a truly global product.

Constant stroke length simplifies operation and keeps pump calibrated across full adjustable range. Graphical interface makes pump functionality visually intuitive and easy ensure safe operation.

Purpose built for every stakeholder in the Value Chain:

  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Channel Partners
  • End Users

Max Stroke Rate - 160 Strokes Per Minute

Max Flow - 2.0 GPH (7.8 LPH)

Max Pressure 250 PSI (17.3 BAR) – Plastic LEs, 450 PSI (30.6 BAR) – 316 SS

Accuracy +/- 3% Steady State, +/- 3% Repeatable


  • Indoor/Outdoor Use, NEMA 4X; IP65
  • Universal Power Supply: 115-230V, 50/60 Hz
  • Agency Certified: NSF 61 (50 Pending), ETL, CE

The PD Series Line of Pumps are designed to convert your older LMI A, AD and P Series Models.


PD041-822NI Replaces models: P021-352NI, P021-352TI, P031-392NI, P031-392TI, P041-352NI, P041-352TI, P121-352NI, P121-352TI, P131-392NI, P131-392TI, P141-352NI, P141-352TI

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  • Nate Novak
    Nate Novak5 years, 3 months ago

    Replacing the Roytronic A141-915SI with the new PD741-925SI allows you to still have the manual features of the Roytronic but also gives you an LCD display and the abilitly to monitor your pumps use and output. Its an excellent upgrade at a minimal increase in cost. Great job by the engineers at LMI.

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