We also have Goulds Variable Speed Drives

We also have Goulds  Variable Speed Drives

Did you know? We also have Variable Speed Drives...

Not only are we experts in designing and optimizing hydraulic pumps, Goulds Water Technology is the experts
in controlling hydraulic systems.

We have applied our hydraulic expertise and experience into the system control equipment. The Aquavar

Product line offers a variety of Variable Frequency drives (VFDs) that are optimized for our pumps and for the systems in which they’re used.

AQUAVAR IPC - Solution for all pump types, GENIE start-up assistance; Best in class lead-time.

AQUAVAR IPC Repair Parts

AQUAVAR CPC - Multi-master capability, start-up assistance, Pump specific software by the hydraulic experts.

HYDROVAR – Motor mounted configuration; IE3 efficiency compatible; power range through 30 HP.


AQUAVAR SPD – Single pump drive; power range through 30 HP; simplified and robust.

AQUAVAR ABII – Booster package with best in class hydraulic efficiency coupled with VFD solution.

Bundling variable speed controllers and pumps from the same manufacturer allows for greater integration between Pump, Motor and Drive. Goulds Water Technology’s VFDs are optimized for our equipment with pump specific diagnostics, pump protection parameters, and physical integration (motor mount Hydrovar).

The Goulds Water Technology family of drives ensures a pump and system are operating at maximum performance and efficiency. The integrated package and pump-specific software allow quicker setup on site and entire system support with 1 phone call.

Why Variable Speed Drives (VFDs)?

Pumps are only one part of a complicated system that can change abruptly with the weather or time of day. System changes can affect the head and flow performance required by a pump. A VFD changes a pump’s speed to operate at the optimal head and flow and highest efficiency to meet a system’s demands.

The benefits of a VFD include:

  • Lower total energy use
  • Greater protection of pump and equipment from excessive wear and warranty.
  • Improved troubleshooting of electrical and hydraulic system upset conditions.
  • Meets or exceeds stricter regulatory demands


Why run at full speed when you only have half demand. Use a VFD to run at a speed that matches the system’s needs

Goulds Variable Speed Drives VFDs


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