Grundfos CR / CM Multistage Pumps

Grundfos CR / CM Multistage Pumps

Grundfos Pumps & Repair Parts are now available online at

The Grundfos CR pump can be customized to meet individual requirements with unparalleled ease. This is due to the Grundfos "mix and match" approach to customization, where the many pump features and options should be regarded as modules that can be combined to create the ideal pump for the job at hand.

Some pumping applications perfect for Grundfos multi-stage pumps are: Commercial, Schools & Hospitals, Circulation, Boiler Feeds, Fracking, Machining, Pharmacuetical / Chemical. Typical Grundfos Pump Types are Vertical Multi-Stage, Horizontal Multi-Stage, Centrifugal, End Suction, High Pressure and Immersed.

Some popular Grundfos Pump Series are:

We can also help you with Grundfos pump accessories and repair parts such as:



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