Walchem Boiler Accessories

Walchem Boiler Accessories

Walchem Boiler Accessories

Walchem offers a variety of products you need to complete the installation of your boiler blowdown controllers. For less demanding installations, the solenoid valves and orifice unions may be used. For greater flexibility and reliability, the motorized ball valves and flow control needle valves are employed.

Flow Control Valves Our flow control four-V port globe valves are equipped with a micrometer dial and pointer which enables the valve to set within 1/100th of a turn of the handwheel. This allows you to fine tune the blowdown flow rate. In the event that the valve becomes clogged, it may be opened to allow the debris to pass, and then returned to the original position.

Motorized Ball Valves The motorized ball valves deliver a torque of 150 in-lbs, using a non-reversing motor, opening the valve in 5 seconds, minimizing pressure hammer. The motor is protected in a NEMA 4X enclosure, and features an integral thermal overload protector with automatic reset. Repair kits are available as well.

Solenoid Valves These valves open when the coil is energized, and close when de-energized. When the coil is energized, the pilot valve opens, relieving the pressure above the piston, which is lifted from its seat by the laminar plunger. When de-energized, a spring closes the pilot valve and opens a bleed passageway to permit pressure to build above the piston and seat it. No differential pressure is required to open the valve.

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