Plusafeeder Plastomatic Relief Valves Pumps

Plusafeeder Plastomatic Relief Valves Pumps

Relief Valves, By-Pass Valves, Backpressure Valves, Anti-Siphon Valves also known as Backpressure Regulators & Pressure Sustaining Valves

One valve design provides many outstanding features... • Offer wide range of pressure settings with sensitive operation. • Provide smooth operation with higher flow. • Fail-Dry safety feature (not available on RVD or RVTX). • Each valve is individually tested prior to shipment. • No wetted metals; all external fasteners are stainless steel. • Maintenance-free designs. • Designs for crystallizing liquids. • Designs with no wetted elastomers for ultra-pure chemicals and water. Non-contaminating PTFE diaphragm designs. • Factory pre-set if requested. • Tamper-proof option.

  • One valve design serves many functions...
  • Preventing overpressure conditions in vessels and piping systems (relief valve).
  • Providing by-pass flow relief to avoid pumping problems such as deadheading (pump bypass valve).
  • Maintain backpressure in a piping system (backpressure regulator).
  • Enhance pump performance by maintaining backpressure on the pump outlet (pump backpressure valve).
  • Prevent gravity-induced siphoning through a pump, opening only when the pump is on (anti-siphon valve).

*Angle and In-Line Designs for Corrosive Chemicals, Water and Ultra-Pure Liquids 
*True Blue® Relief Valves provide smooth, sensitive operation to help you manage pressure "upstream" of the valve. 

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