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MTH Model T41J BF, 8C-T410JBFSCSXSAXX-C029ED Regenerative Turbine Pump, T41 Series, T410J BF T21, Carbon / Ceramic / Buna, Close-coupled to a 2 HP, 3-phase, 60Hz, 208-230/460V, 3450 RPM ODP Motor


Item: 8C-T410JBFSCSXSAXX-C029ED | Model #: T41J BF


MTH Model T41J BF, 8C-T410JBFSCSXSAXX-C029ED Regenerative Turbine Pump, T41 Series, T410J BF T21, Carbon / Ceramic / Buna, Close-coupled to a 2 HP, 3-phase, 60Hz, 208-230/460V, 3450 RPM ODP Motor

Model NumberT41J BF

T41 Series Turbine Pumps Information

Features & Benefits
High Pressure, Low Flow & Compact Design
• Capacities to 22 GPM
• Heads to 600 Feet
• Temperatures to 300°F
Water Passage Design
MTH masters one of the most critical design considerations for regenerative turbine pumps -- the shaping
of water passageways to achieve highest capacity and pressure while minimizing horsepower requirements.
By optimizing water passageway cross-sectional profiles for each impeller, MTH has improved both efficiency
and pressure in the E41/T41 Series, exceeding the levels realized by previous techniques.
Impeller Profile
One of the most notable improvements in regenerative turbine pump technology incorporated in E41/T41
Series pumps involves the ability to determine the optimum impeller width and blade length. These factors
have a significant effect on the required horsepower versus pressure curve for regenerative turbine pumps.By
optimizing these for each E41/T41 Series pump, peak efficiency is improved and “off peak” horsepower requirements are reduced as well.
Impeller Blades
After the most favorable impeller profile has been determined for a particular water passageway crosssection,
MTH calculates the number of blades needed to maximize the performance of that pump. Current
blade design in E41/T41 Series pumps increases both efficiency and design pressure without the manufacturing
difficulties associated with producing contoured blade impellers. State-of-the-art computer controlled
machines simplify manufacturing of the various MTH impellers utilized in the E41/T41 Series. The result is
a high performance pump providing efficiency characteristics exceeding those of more expensive units.
NPSH Requirements
E41/T41 Series regenerative turbine pumps meet low net positive suction head (NPSH) requirements without
efficiency loss. This is achieved by keeping the inlet fluid velocity low and then gently accelerating to passageway velocities.
Special ramps are responsible for an almost shock-less fluid entry into the impeller blades and account for the high inlet
efficiency in the E41/T41 Series pumps.
Extended Reliability Motors
Similar to the T31 Series, the E41 takes advantage of our custom manufactured dual face D3 motors 
that incorporate a 304 stainless steel shaft and heavy-duty bearing. The stainless steel shaft eliminates
the necessity of a shaft sleeve, thereby reducing the parts count and simplifying maintenance and
servicing procedures. All D3 motors also feature a two-pole 50//60Hz rating, as well as CE Mark approval
useful for OEM’s with worldwide customers. The three-phase versions of the D3 motors feature
a compact TEFC enclosure and a range from 1/3 to 3HP. The single phase D3 motors have an ODP
enclosure and a range from 1/3 to 2HP. The E41 is available in horizontal close-coupled and vertical
flange mounted configurations only. Please see Design Features for more detailed information on both E41 and
T41 motor options.
Design Features
MTH E41 and T41 Series pumps utilize the same major components, and are identical in performance, but
utilize different motors. E41 pumps are restricted to close-coupled operation on our own custom designed D3
motors. The D3 motors have a dual C-face with two pole 50//60 Hz ratings as well as an upgraded heavy-duty
bearing for extended service life. The three-phase motors have a TEFC IP55 enclosure and power capability
from 1/3HP thru 3HP, while the single-phase motors have an ODP IP21 enclosure and range from 1/3HP to 2HP.
All D3 motors feature a 304 stainless steel shaft and CE mark approval. T41 pumps can accept most commonly
available motors through the use of close or flexible coupling. For wider fluid compatibility, T41 units 3HP and
under feature a protective motor shaft sleeve, while motors 5HP and over utilize a corrosion-resistant 316 stainless
steel shaft. Motors for the T41 Series come in ODP, TEFC, and Explosion-proof enclosures and allow operation at
two pole or four pole speeds (3450/2880 or 1750/1450 RPM) ranging from 1/3HP to 3HP (C3/P3 single or three
phase) and 5HP to 15HP (C15/P15 three phase only).


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T41 / E41 Series Turbine Pump Datasheet


T41 / E41 Series Turbine Pump Manual


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