T41 Series Turbine Pumps

T41 Series Turbine Pumps

MTH E41 / T41 Close-coupled and pedestal mounted regenerative turbine pumps represent the most economical, high perfor-mance alternative for low flow (1/2 to 22 GPM) clean fluid applications involving moderate to high pressures (heads to 600 feet).By combining the latest concepts in hydraulic turbine pump design with precision computer controlled manu-facturing, the E41/T41 Series pumps deliver high efficiency operation even at low NPSH. Costs are controlled by efficient manufacturing processes and highly optimized pump designs. Maintenance costs are kept to a minimum by combining an easily serviceable design with the use of high quality components to provide long life.

  • Max Solids
  • All regenerative turbine pumps have close running clearances in order to maintain efficiency. Take extra precautions to insure that no foreign material larger than 25 microns or .001 inches is allowed to pass through the pump. Even particles of this size can damage the pump if allowed to continue. Regenerative turbine pumps are not designed for slurries. Large particles, weld spatter, and other material found in new piping systems will bend the impeller vanes and can sometimes lock up the pump. If a new pump does not operate properly, the first thing to check for is damage from foreign material.

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