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MTH Model T31F AB, 8C-T310FABSCSXSAXX-MF51AD Regenerative Turbine Pump, T310F AB T21, Carbon / Ceramic / Buna, Close-coupled to a 1/2 HP, 1-phase, 60Hz, 115/208-230V, 3450 RPM ODP Motor


Item: 8C-T310FABSCSXSAXX-MF51AD | Model #: T31F AB


MTH Model T31F AB, 8C-T310FABSCSXSAXX-MF51AD Regenerative Turbine Pump, T310F AB T21, Carbon / Ceramic / Buna, Close-coupled to a 1/2 HP, 1-phase, 60Hz, 115/208-230V, 3450 RPM ODP Motor

Discharge NPT (Inches)3/4"
Full Load Amp (FLA)6.9/3.5-3.4
Heads To (Feet)360
Impeller MaterialBrass
Maximum Pressure (PSI)300
Minimum Flow (GPM)6.5
Model NumberT31F AB
Motor Enclosure TypeOpen Drip Proof
Shaft Seal Material316 Stainless Steel
Speed (RPM)3450
Suction NPT (Inches)3/4"
Valve / Seat / O-RingBuna-N

T31 Series Turbine Pumps Information

Features & Benefits
High Pressure, Low Flow & Compact Design
• Heads to 300 Feet
• Temperatures to 230°F
• Close Coupled & Long Coupled Configurations

Water Passage Design
MTH masters one of the most critical design considerations of regenerative turbine pumps - the shaping of water passageways to achieve maximum capacity and pressure while minimizing horsepower requirements. By optimizing water passageway cross-sectional profiles for each impeller, MTH improves both efficiency and pressure over the standards realized by other techniques.
Impeller Profile
One of the most notable improvements in regenerative turbine pump technology, incorporated in T31 Series pumps, involves the ability to determine the optimum impeller width and blade length. These factors have a significant effect on the required horsepower versus pressure curve for regenerative turbine pumps. By optimizing these parameters for each pump, peak efficiency is improved and “off peak” horsepower requirements are reduced as well.
Impeller Blades
After the most favorable impeller profile has been determined for a particular water passageway cross-section, MTH calculates the number of blades needed to maximize the performance of that pump. Current blade design in the T31 Series increases both efficiency and design pressure without the manufacturing difficulties associated with producing contoured blade impellers. State-of-the-art computer controlled machines simplify manufacturing of the various MTH impellers utilized in the T31 Series. The result is a high performance pump providing efficiency characteristics exceeding those of much more expensive units.
NPSH Requirements
T31 Series regenerative turbine pumps meet low net positive suction head (NPSH) requirements without efficiency loss. This is achieved by keeping the inlet fluid velocity low and then gently accelerating to passageway velocities. Special ramps are responsible for this gentle fluid entry into the impeller blades and account for the high inlet efficiency of the T31 Series pumps.
Self Adjusting Impeller
T31 impellers utilize balancing holes to promote hydraulic self-centering and to eliminate the need for external adjustment. The impeller exerts no thrust load on the bearings, thereby extending service life. Self-centering is equally effective whether mounted in the horizontal or vertical position.
Extended Reliability Motors
Custom manufactured D3 motors feature a 304 stainless steel shaft and heavy duty ball bearing for extended life. Single phase ODP and 3 phase TEFC enclosures are standard, as well as a two-pole, 50Hz/60Hz ratings, and UL and CE Marks.
Design Features

Mechanical Seals - All bronze pumps have Buna elastomers, high temperature carbon seals and ceramic seats, while Stainless Steel pumps feature Viton elastomers, carbon seals, and ceramic seats. Optional seats and materials are available.

300 PSI Case Working Pressure - Rigid structure is designed for maximum casing strength.

Water Flinger - A water flinger provides added protection to ball bearings in the event of seal leakage.

End Suction/Top Discharge - T31 Series pumps are compact to allow installation in small areas. The discharge can be rotated to 90°, 180°, 270° positions to facilitate the most convenient installation.

Extended Reliability Motors
T31 Series pumps utilize our custom manufactured D3 motors that incorporate a 304 stainless steel shaft and an upgraded heavy-duty bearing. All D3 motors are 2-pole, 50/60Hz rated and feature UL and CE marks for Worldwide use. Single phase units are available from 1/2 to 2HP in an ODP enclosure, while three-phase units are available up to 3HP, and come in an upgraded TEFC enclosure.
T31 Series pumps may be operated under adverse inlet conditions without audible or measurable cavitation.


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T31 Series Turbine Pump Datasheet


T31 Series Turbine Pump Manual


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