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Goulds 25GBS30 GB Series High Pressure, Multi-Stage Booster Pump, 25 GPM, Stainless steel, 3 HP, 1" NPT Suction, 1" NPT Discharge

Item: 25GBS30
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Goulds 25GBS30 GB Series High Pressure, Multi-Stage Booster Pump, 25 GPM, Stainless steel, 3 HP, 1" NPT Suction, 1" NPT Discharge


GB Booster Pump Series Information

Features & Benefits
Goulds Pumps GB Series Range of Features
Multi-stage Design: Provides steady, quiet, vibration free, operation.
Optional Stainless Steel Construction: Standard cast iron for general service or stainless for filtration applications.
O-Ring Casing Seal: Reliable high pressure sealing with easy disassembly for maintenance or repair.
Mechanical Seal: A variety of face materials and elastomers to match application needs.
Impellers and Diffusers: Glass filled engineered composite material with a fixed impeller design. High resistance to corrosion and abrasion.
Bowls: 300 stainless steel rabbit lock for positive alignment with no gaskets required.
Variable Capacity: Centrifugal pump design permits selection of flow within a range for each size.

• Residential, commercial or agricultural pressure wash
• Reverse osmosis
• Evaporative cooling systems/misters
• Booster service
• Spray systems
• Water circulation
• Filtration
• General purpose pumping
General Description
Goulds 5GBooster, 7GBooster, 10GBooster, 18GBooster, 25GBooster, 33GB High Pressure Close Coupled, Multi-Stage, End Suction, Booster Pump
Close coupled NEMA 56J motors in open drip proof or totally enclosed design. Single phase and three phase available. Ball bearings carry all radial and axial thrust loads. Designed for continuous operation.
Motor Information
Open drip proof or totally enclosed fan cooled enclosures available as standard. Consult factory for other options. 60 Hz, 3500 RPM. Single phase (115/230 V), three phase 208-230 (3 HP, 230 V) or three phase (208-230/460 V). Single phase motors have built-in capacitor and overload with automatic reset.
For three phase motors, Class 20 overload protection must be provided in starter unit. Starter with overloads must be ordered separately.
Direction of Rotation
Clockwise when viewed from motor end
• Pumps used on open spray applications must be plugged into electrical service which is protected by a Ground Fault Service Interruptor. Failure to do so may result in serious personal injury or death and property damage.
• Do not run pump dry.
• Do not run pump below minimum flow.
• If positive suction pressure is not available, be sure pump and suction line (with foot valve) are primed before starting pump.


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