e-SH Centrifugal Pumps

e-SH Centrifugal Pumps

Goulds e-SH Pumps, New Product Offering - 316 SS End Suction Close Coupled & Frame Mounted Models

Ultimate performance with expected realiability from a Xylem product. The end suction e-SH stainless steel pumps (316 SS), centrifugals feature a corrosion resitent impeller that is also stainless steel. These are replacements to the previous SSH models so the casings and dimensions may look familair. The boost comes from an overall improvement on efficiency and total performance.

e-SH-C / e-SH-F Closed Coupled and Frame Mounted S-Group & M-Group Models

Suitable for pairing with the Aquavar IPC or the Hydrovar Variable Speed Controller. You can expect to see energy saving upwards of 70% versus a fixed speed configuration.

Specifically designed to move water, non aggresive or moderate liquids in commercial building applications. On the industrial side this pump is ideal for an array of OEM pumping applications such as water intake, water transfer, circulation, pressure boosting, heating and cooling processes, transport and fluid transferwater boosting and boiler feed booster.

Perfect for pumping liquids such as:

  • Produced Water
  • Potable Water
  • Process Water
  • Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Gray & Used Water
  • Groundwater


  • Oil & Gas
  • Commercial Buildings
  • General Manufacturing
  • Power Generation
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