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Goulds 4NS12R4AC 4NS Series 4 Inch Submersible, Non-Clog Sewage Pump, 40 HP, 1750 RPM, 460 Volt, 60 Hz, Three Phase, 11" Impeller Size, Up To 1160 GPM, Up To 140' Heads To, 4" 125# ABSI Flanged Discharge, 57.7 Max Amps, 25' Cord Length, 3" Solids Handling

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Goulds 4NS12R4AC 4NS Series 4 Inch Submersible, Non-Clog Sewage Pump, 40 HP, 1750 RPM, 460 Volt, 60 Hz, Three Phase, 11" Impeller Size, Up To 1160 GPM, Up To 140' Heads To, 4" 125# ABSI Flanged Discharge, 57.7 Max Amps, 25' Cord Length, 3" Solids Handling

Capacities (GPM)Up To 1160
Cord Length25'
Discharge NPT (Inches)4" 125# ABSI Flanged
Heads To (Feet)Up To 140'
Impeller Size (Inches)11"
Max Amps57.7
Minimum Flow (GPM)100
PhaseThree Phase
Quick Specs40HP 3/60/460 KVA-F 57.7MA
Solids (Inches)3"
Speed (RPM)1750

4NS 4 Inch Non-Clog Series Information

Features & Benefits
Goulds 4NS Pump Series Full Range of Features:
Impeller: Cast iron, two vane closed design for high efficiency and maximum wear life. Balanced for smooth operation. Optional bronze impeller available. Bronze Wear Ring: Replaceable to renew the running clearances and efficiencies to original conditions.
Casing: Heavy duty cast iron, volute type for maximum efficiency. 4" 125# ANSI cast iron flanged. Adaptable to guide rail mounting system.
Tandem Seals: Two independently mounted mechanical face type seals are separated by an oil filled chamber. The oil chamber acts as a barrier to trap moisture and provide time for a planned shutdown and maintenance. The oil provides lubrication to the internal (upper) seal. Carbon rotating and ceramic stationary faces are standard on both internal (upper) and external (lower) seals. Optional materials are available for the lower seals. See the Nomenclature Page for order number changes to order either silicon carbide/silicon carbide faces with Viton or silicon carbide/tungsten carbide faces with Viton elastomers. These are recommended for applications containing fine solids or abrasives as found in parking lot/garage drainage and construction dewatering jobs.
Moisture Protection System: Two-wire, dual moisture sensing probes are located in the oil filled chamber between the inner and outer seals. When connected to a control panel with an optional Moisture Detection System and an alarm it will detect the presence of moisture should the outer seal fail. It will also detect moisture in the motor chamber and provide a warning prior to water levels reaching the bearing or stator.
Designed for Continuous Operation: Motor is rated continuous duty submerged condition in water that is 40º C or below. Maximum runtime with pump unsubmerged for 7½–40 HP is 15 minutes. Motor is suitable for 10 starts per hour.
Bearings: Ball, single-row, angular contact, Conrad type bearings with a Class 3 internal fit conforming to AFBMA Standard 20 are used. The bearings are greased for life with a premium moisture resistant polyurea thickened grease containing rust inhibitors and suitable for operation over a range of – 25º C to + 120º C.
Impeller Mounting Screw: 300 series stainless steel with anti-rotational locking patch.
Castings: All iron castings are ASTM A48 class 30 gray cast iron. Optional bronze impeller is ASTM B584 C87600 silicon bronze.
General Description
Goulds 4NS Submersible 4" Non-Clog Sewage Pump
• Solids handling capabilities: 3" maximum.
• Discharge size: 4" 125# ANSI flanged.
• Capacities: up to 1160 GPM.
• Total heads: up to 140 feet.
• Minimum flow: 100 GPM.
• Maximum flow: end of published curve.
• CSA certified motors (Canadian Standards Association)
• Three phase motors only
• Available voltages: 200, 230, 400, 460 and 575 volt, 60 Hertz
• HP Range: 7.5 - 40
• Motor shaft is a one-piece design of high strength 416 stainless steel
• All motors are air-filled and designed for continuous duty when fully submerged or for up to 15 minutes operation in air.
• NEMA design “B” with copper windings
• Class “F” stator winding designed for inverter duty
• Moisture System: Two wire dual probe monitoring system constantly monitors seal oil chamber and stator housing for moisture. Note: control panel must contain an alarm circuit and alarm device.
• Two (2) normally-closed, automatic reset thermostats connected in series and embedded in adjoining phases.
• Power and sensor cords are 25’ standard length, 50’ available as an option.
• Motors conform to the latest applicable requirements of NEMA, IEEE, ANSI and NEC standards.
NOTICE: Class 10 quick trip overload protection must be provided in control panel.
Mechanical Shaft Seal Information
Mechanical seals: 304 stainless steel metal parts, BUNA-N elastomers with carbon/rotary and ceramic/stationary faces standard for upper and lower seals. Optional lower seals are available with Viton elastomers and either silicon carbide/silicon carbide or silicon carbide/tungsten carbide faces.


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