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Goulds Pump Model WE0511HHE 3885 WE Series, 1/2 HP, 115 Volt, 60 Hz, 3.88" Impeller Size, 2" NPT Discharge, 14.5 Max Amps, 20' Cord Length, 3/4" Max Solids Size, Submersible Effluent Pump


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Goulds Pump Model WE0511HHE 3885 WE Series, 1/2 HP, 115 Volt, 60 Hz, 3.88" Impeller Size, 2" NPT Discharge, 14.5 Max Amps, 20' Cord Length, 3/4" Max Solids Size, Submersible Effluent Pump

Capacities (GPM)up to 140 GPM
Cord Length20'
Discharge NPT (Inches)2" NPT
Heads To (Feet)up to 128 feet TDH
Impeller Size (Inches)3.88"
Max Amps14.5
Maximum Operating Temperature104°F (40°C) continuous, 140°F (60°C) intermittent
Quick Specs1/2HP 1/60/115 3.88" 14.5MA
Solids (Inches)3/4" Max

3885 WE Series Submersible Effluent Pump Series Information

Features & Benefits
Goulds Pumps WE 3885 Series Range of Product Features:
Impeller: Cast iron, semi-open, non-clog with pump-out vanes for mechanical seal protection. Balanced for smooth operation. Silicon bronze impeller available as an option.
Casing: Cast iron volute type for maximum efficiency. 2″ NPT discharge.
Mechanical Seal: Silicon Carbide vs. Silicon Carbide sealing faces.
Stainless steel metal parts, BUNA-N elastomers.
Shaft: Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel. Threaded design.
Locknut on all models to guard against component damage on accidental reverse rotation.
Fasteners: 300 series stainless steel.
Capable of running dry without damage to components.
Designed for continuous operation when fully submerged.
General Description
Goulds WE Series 3885 Submersible Effleunt Pump
• Solids handling capabilities: 3⁄4" maximum.
• Discharge size: 2" NPT.
• Capacities: up to 140 GPM.
• Total heads: up to 128 feet TDH.
• Temperature: 104°F (40°C) continuous, 140°F (60°C) intermittent.

1. Bronze impeller
2. Mechanical seal faces of silicon carbide/tungsten carbide material
3. Power cable of various lengths
• Fully submerged in high-grade turbine oil for lubrication and efficient heat transfer.
• Class B insulation on 1⁄3 – 1½ HP models.
• Class F insulation on 2 HP models.
Single phase (60 Hz):
• Capacitor start motors for maximum starting torque.
• Built-in overload with automatic reset.
• SJTOW or STOW severe duty oil and water resistant power cords.
• 1⁄3 – 1 HP models have NEMA three prong grounding plugs.
• 1½ HP and larger units have bare lead cord ends.
Three phase (60 Hz):
• Class 10 overload protection must be provided in separately ordered starter unit.
• STOW power cords all have bare lead cord ends.
• Designed for Continuous Operation: Pump ratings are within the motor manufacturer's recommended working limits, can be operated continuously without damage when fully submerged.
• Bearings: Upper and lower heavy duty ball bearing construction.
• Power Cable: Severe duty rated, oil and water resistant. Epoxy seal on motor end provides secondary moisture barrier in case of outer jacket damage and to prevent oil wicking. Standard cord is 20'. Optional lengths are available.
• O-ring: Assures positive sealing against contaminants and oil leakage.
Mechanical Shaft Seal Information
The motor shall be protected by a mechanical shaft seal mounted on the pump shaft. The mechanical seal shall be constructed of silicon carbide vs. silicon carbide sealing faces. The mechanical seal shall be tensioned by a spring constructed of series 300 stainless steel metal components and BUNA-N elastomers.
Motor Information
The integral motor shall be completely sealed from the environment by use of circular cross section o-rings accurately fitted into machined grooves which shall provide designed compression of metal to metal fits. Designs which require a specific torque on the casing bolts or which require rectangular gaskets or sealing rings shall not be allowed. The motor shall be rated for continuous duty under full nameplate load while at full submergence in the station. The motor shall be provided at the specific site conditions of 115, 208 or 230 V, single phase or 200, 230, 460 or 575 V, three phase as required, all shall be at 60 Hz. Single phase motors shall be capacitor-start. All single phase motors shall be provided with thermal protection. Single phase motors shall have an on winding sensor with automatic reset. Three phase motors shall be protected by ambient compensated quick-trip heaters, or, adjustable motor circuit protectors provided in control. The stator winding shall be open type with class B insulation suitable for operation in clean dielectric oil for efficient heat transfer and lubrication of the ball bearings. The stator shall be a register fit into the bearing housing to ensure positive alignment, and bolted for ease of serviceability. The motor shall be provided with ball type anti-friction bearings which shall support the heavy duty rotor shaft and to handle all radial and axial loads imposed by the impeller while limiting shaft deflection at the mechanical seal faces. Sleeve type bearings shall not be considered equal and, therefore, shall not be allowed. The ball bearings shall be designed for a B-10 life of 30,000 hours minimum. The motor shall be designed and tested to withstand an 18 day locked-rotor operation without damage.
Impeller Information
The impeller shall be semi-open with ejector (pump out) vanes on the top of the impeller for protection of the mechanical seal and hydraulic balance. Due to design, only single plane spin balancing shall be required for smooth operation. The impeller shall be threaded to the solid series 400 stainless steel shaft. All impellers shall be secured by a thread-locking feature which will prevent the impeller from loosening during short periods of reverse rotation as might occur when rotation direction is being verified outside the installation.
Casing Information
The casing shall be cast from ASTM A48 class 30 gray cast iron of sufficient thickness to withstand 1.5 times the shut off pressure generated by the largest impeller available for this model in accordance with current revision of the Hydraulic Institute Standards. The discharge connection shall be a standard 2 inch NPT suitable for direct connection to the station piping, without the use of any external fittings or adapters for vertical orientation of the discharge direction. Integral feet of cast iron shall be made a part of the casing for accurately positioning the pump suction opening at the correct elevation off the sump floor for good pump down capability.


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Goulds WE 3885 Technical Brochure & Performance Curves


Goulds WE 3885 50Hz Technical Brochure & Performance Curves


Goulds WE 3885 Installation, Operation & Maintenance Instruction Manual


Goulds WE 3885 Specifications


Goulds WE 3885 Specifications


Goulds WE 3885 50Hz Specifications


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