Walchem Webmaster Boiler

Walchem Webmaster Boiler

With 4 conductivity inputs, up to 4 boilers may be controlled using either continuous sampling, or intermittent (timed) sampling. In intermittent sampling, the sample is checked with the valve closed, eliminating flashing to ensure that the conductivity reading is correct. Blowdown based upon that sample may be for a set amount of time, or a for a time that varies depending upon how far from the set point the reading is. Two-stage intermittent sampling is also available, allowing the user to test the boiler less frequently during times of the day when loading is not as high. 

Eight relays provide blowdown, plus either chemical feed or alarm capability. It can also be equipped with eight (8) analog inputs and six (6) digital inputs capable of monitoring tank levels, providing interlocks, feed verification and receiving other plant parameter signals such as steam load, phosphate concentration, etc.

NEMA 4X packaging and UL/CSA/CE approvals ensure that the WebMaster can withstand the toughest industrial environment.

  • The WMB series WebMaster can be configured for your specific boiler application.

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