Goulds ResiBoost Packaged Variable Frequency System

Goulds ResiBoost Packaged Variable Frequency System

Goulds ResiBoost Complete Packaged Variable Frequency System

Complete Packaged Residential Constant Pressure Boosing System for the way you live

The Resi-Boost Advantage

Xylems' ResiBoost constant pressure system provides an economical solution for municipal water users that suffer from low pressure. In addition the ResiBoost constant pressure system can also be used for applications requiring repressurizing water from a storage tank. As your household water needs change, our drive will change the speed of the motor to accomodate the need.

ResiBoost Features

Powered for Continuous Operation: All ratings are within the working limits of the motor as recommended by the motor manufacturer. Pump can be operated continuously without damage to the motor.

Built-in Check Valve: Completely assembled ResiBoost includes a uniquely designed fit including a spring loaded check valve.

Built-in Memory: Stored data - operating hours, number of starts, connection to the power supply, faults.

VFD: Built-in protection against various system and electrical faults. Comes with internal transducer with digital indicator, additional parts not necessary. Pre-wired to e-HM pump.

Electrical Protection: Protects against over incorrect power supply, and short circuit.

Display: Control with LCD display and simple push button settings.

Energy Savings: Precise speed control to operate pump for best energy efficiency.

Stainless Steel Pump: e-HM series stainless steel pump with small footprint designed for longer life.

Ease of installation: Complete system with pump, motor and controller assembled. Tank included seperate from assembly for shipping. Plug and Play compact system.

Offerings: Six SKU's to cover all residential boosting applications up to 35 GPM.

ResiBoost Controller Features

  • Input Power: Single Phase 115 and 230 V
  • Output Power: Single Phase 115 and 230 V, 3 phase 230 V
  • Programming: Pre-programmed
  • Input Controls: HMI with push button control
  • Signal Lights: Red LED
  • Protection Against: No Water, Motor Over Current, Open Lead, Low System Pressure, Over Heating, Short Circuit, Over Voltage, Under Voltage
  • Temperature Rating: 32º - 122ºF
  • Approvals: CCSAUS, NSF
  • Enclosure: Type 3
  • Power Lead: 230V plug (NEMA 6-20) on 230 V, 115 V plug (NEMA 5-15) on 115 V selections

DELIVERING MAXIMUM COMFORT: Customers are able to enjoy improved water pressure consistently regardless of the number of fixtures in use or the location of the fixture in the home. Designed to operate quieter than a conventional pump system.

PROVIDING LASTING PERFORMANCE: The ResiBoost is proven to last in the most demanding of boosting conditions, customers can rest easy rather than worry about downtime or service needs.

SIMPLIFYING INSTALLATIONS: The plug and play system comes with the pump, motor and controller already assembled and fully programmed (tank included but not installed). An integral transducer instantly reduces the number of parts required for installation. The small-but-powerful design of the ResiBoost system allows for a variety of installation locations, including a small utility closet. Uniquely designed union with check valve eliminates separate assembly

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