CS Series

Burks CS Series exclusive unique regenerative type turbine pumps are designed to handle clear water and many other nonabrasive, lower viscosity liquids on high pressure, low capacity applications with the greatest possible efficiency. BURKS is the only turbine pump with Life-Lok ® External Impeller Adjustment feature that allows readjustment of impeller without disturbing piping, disassembling pump or replacing parts. Gives up to 40% longer service life than turbine pumps of other designs.

• Self-Priming
• Compact, Space-saving size
• No coupling - eliminates misalignment problels
• Dependable carbon / ceramic mechanical shaft seal for temperatures to 225°F (107°C).
• Bronze impeller with Monel blades - the only moving part
• Bronze raceway with cast-in vortex pockets - will not vapor lock
• #303 Stainless Steel pump shaft
• Easy to service
• Every pump factory tested
• Available Bronze fitted, All Bronze, Stainless Steel

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